Using FBlinker tool to make creative Facebook thumbnails

FBlinker tool

Isn’t it irritating when you share your video content on Facebook and see a boring Facebook link thumbnail on it? Well, sadly it has happened to all of us.

You have created a brilliant video that made you work hard for days. Now, you are finally ready with an appealing story or idea which you suppose will be loved and appreciated by your followers. Of course, you are eager to go on Facebook and publish and share the new post. So, you pick a nice, catchy photo from the video, as a preview that hints about your theme, then use it as the featured image and publish the post.

Yes! Now it is time to share the story on Facebook, and you cannot wait to do it.

But when you actually share the link to your piece on Facebook, you immediately observe one glaring issue. The Facebook link thumbnail has not been displayed correctly. It appears either too small like a postage stamp or looks severely cropped. Such a thumbnail or image cannot express your content to your followers.

  1. What is the purpose of the Facebook link thumbnail size? Why should you bother about it?

A picture speaks a thousand words. Likewise, images and graphic designs on Facebook also rule the virtual world. Social photos get the highest response on social media as likes, comments & shares in comparison to other updates.

The same holds true for Facebook link thumbnails. The idea behind sharing a link on Facebook is to influence people to click on the link and visit your Youtube channel and watch the video. It is one of the many ways to cause referral traffic to your channel and attract more subscribers.

In those regards, a small and cropped thumbnail will critically reduce the views on your channel. It simply won’t catch users’ attention due to its petite size. Or, a lot of Facebook users might not find it attractive enough. Rather, they might end up visiting other links with larger and better-looking thumbnails.

Then, the issue of multiple devices also persists. You need to have a thumbnail that appears in full brilliance in all kinds of screens.

Therefore, having a youtube to facebook thumbnail generator that allows you to create an accurate sized Facebook link thumbnail in due time would be perfect.

  1. Creating perfect Facebook link thumbnail using FBlinker

FBlinker is a tool that allows you to easily make the best, customized youtube to facebook thumbnail for your post.

Using FBlinker’s amazing settings you can create the most ideally sized Facebook link thumbnail for all your Youtube videos. The preview thumbnails produced using this tool will appear full size in all devices without any cropping.

Neither do you need to know the exact dimensions of the thumbnails, nor do you need to open any complicated picture editing software? All you need is a browser and of course, an internet connection. Log in to FBlinker and create a unique Facebook link thumbnail as per your preferences so that you can share your video links and promote your work.

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