Using Glass in Interior Designing

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Transforming the gloomy and dark interior of your house into something which gets enough light and space as well would just be a picture perfect house. For this, you would need something that lets the sounds and the sights of nature inside and also brings in panoramic view. The only thing which can provide such facilities is nothing but glass.

Nowadays for interior designing using glass is becoming very popular and is used frequently. In fact, some skilled architects or interior designers prefer using glass more these days. Selecting the right type of glass is very important depending on how you want to use it.

Some of the most popular types of glasses used in trendy interior designing are transparent glass, translucent glass, embossed glass, tinted/painted glass, screen-printed and engraved glass, sand-blasted glass, acid-etched glass, bubble glass, crystal glass, and sintered glass.

Here is a list of different ways in which you can use the various types of glasses for interior designing.

1) Floor to ceiling doors and windows: Windows and Custom Interior Glass Doors made of glass is not a new concept exactly and has been popular. Nowadays most of the architects as well as the interior designers are installing floor to ceiling windows and doors in homes and offices to give them a sleeker look. These glass windows and doors look beautiful and are made in such a way as to ensure privacy.

2) Glass walls: Making walls of transparent or translucent glass, or with frosted, lacquered, tinted, or stained glass entirely, you can enhance the look and the style quotient as well of a space making it more elegant. Using glass blocks are also very popular and can be used to create stunning designs for creating partition walls and screens in order to segregate spaces. You can also partition your sunny patio or breakfast room using glass which is extremely popular and inviting.

Custom Interior Glass Doors

3) Glass staircases: Glass, nowadays, is very popularly used to create banisters as well as for making steps on the staircases. Usually, a variety of glass is used for creating beautiful partitions or walls that adjoin stairwells.

4) Stained glass windows: These provide a very exquisite style statement to your house. You can get creative with stained glass windows as much as you want using abstract designs, distinct motifs, like different religious figures, flowers, geometric shapes, and many more.

5) Glass ceilings: These have become very trendy these days and can be seen in many homes. With glass ceilings, enclosed entertainment areas and bars look extremely inviting. Having glass ceilings means that you are letting the sun in during the day and also can gaze upon a starlit sky at night. A lot of courtyards in modern homes have glass ceilings, which solve the problem of security to a great extent.

6) Glass in bathrooms: Glass is mostly used to make the cabinets, shelves, and many modern sinks in trendy designs. You can also buy custom shower doors online and use it as glass partitions for shower areas.


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