What are the safety measures that you must take while buying a ladder?

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It is common to use ladders in many industrial workplaces. Each year many people die from ladder-related injuries. Therefore it is important that we discuss the simple safety measures that can be taken to prevent these injuries.

First, we have to know what are the major reasons for which ladder accidents occur. Over here are four of them.

1.Improper selection of ladder

2.Performing inadequate safety inspections

3.Failing to maintain contact

4.Using improper angles

Now, knowing the causes of a ladder accident is good but what is more important! The next essential step that should be followed is- how to avoid these common ladder mistakes?

If you read further you will get to know how can you avoid these accidents caused by ladders.

  • Proper selection of ladder

To keep your employees safe and avoid any type of accidents selecting a proper ladder is crucial. In the market when you buy a ladder you will see that there are various types of them and they all function differently.

You have to be aware of the height and weight restriction of the ladder you want to use. Every different ladder has different weight capacity so if the weight limit of the ladder exceeds the ladder may buckle and there might be injuries.

For reaching high places also you have to choose the appropriate ladder so that you can reach the correct height.

There are mainly three types of the ladder and all of them have diverse functions. The three common ladders are given below.

  • Step ladders- These ladders do not extend and are free-standing. This means they do not have to lean on any other structure for support.
  • Extension ladders- These ladders are also commonly known as straight ladders. They are used to reach high places. But these ladders need support means they have to lean against another structure.
  • Folding ladders- These are free-standing ladders that are used for inside jobs. The steps of the ladders are wider than any other ladders. You can also easily store these ladders when you are not using them.
  • Safety inspections

You may buy ladders according to the necessity of your business. But whenever you are buying them it is essential that inspect properly whether there is any damage or defects.

Moreover, it is also important that you inspect a ladder whenever you are using them or if a ladder has fallen down. There are certain elements that should be inspected before using a ladder.

  • Splintered surface
  • Corrosion or rust on treads
  • Cracked or missing steps
  • Rotted nails
  • Splintered surfaces
  • Correct ladder angles

If you want to know that the ladder which you are using is safely placed or not, you can apply the four-to-one rule. The ladder should be one foot from the base of the wale for every four feet of height that you have to climb.

It is always better if someone is holding the bottom of the ladder while you are climbing as it reduces the chances of falling.

If you there is nobody to hold the ladder then you can place the feet of the ladder on the firm level ground. This will also prevent it from falling.

  1. Keep contact

It is also necessary to maintain three points of contact while you climb a ladder. The center of your body has to be parallel to the center of the ladder, as this means you are climbing it safely.

But the chances of injuries increases if you lean off to one side or try to reach for an item that is not exactly within your reach. This is because the center of gravity is not adjacent to the ladder and you tend to fall down.

It is better to ask for assistance if you need to transport or use a tool that is not within your reach.

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