What is liver function test? Why it is done?

liver function test

As the name suggests, the liver function test is conducted to find about the functioning of the liver. The test is an outstanding way to find how well the liver of the person functions. This is the sort of test which includes prothrombin time, bilirubin, albumin, and aPTT. Most of the liver diseases just cause minor symptoms. But, it is important to catch these symptoms at the earliest. The liver test is very helpful in certain diseases. The blood sample of the patient is collected to perform the test. Some of the liver tests are just associated with albumin functioning, some with the cellular integrity or transaminase or others linked to biliary tract. The biochemical test is really useful when it comes to treating patients suffering from liver dysfunction.

The liver test can help to diagnose liver diseases. There are several kinds of liver disorders and the test is an apt way to find what liver disorder persists. It can also help to find out the extent to which the damage is done. Accordingly, the medical professional can choose the treatment procedure. This sort of test is also carried out on the ones using anticonvulsants. Anticonvulsants can cause damage to the liver and so the test is performed to find that.

Why is the liver functioning test performed?

Liver enzymes, also known as liver proteins, are present in the liver. The purpose of the liver enzyme is to speed up its rate of reaction such that it becomes chemically feasible. The liver performs the very important role of detoxification and metabolizing of drugs entering the bloodstream or the body. The liver also stores energy in the form of glucose. So, you may understand how vital liver is. If the liver fails to function properly, there may be a series of medical conditions. It can indeed disturb the entire body system. Apart from detoxification, the liver has several other functions to perform. The test assesses liver functioning. The test can also reveal if any damage is done to the liver.

radiation therapy

Blood test to detect the functioning of the liver

The liver has to bear the largest of workloads and is the largest organ of the body. To find about the functioning of the liver and how efficiently it works, you should take regular liver blood tests. If it functions efficiently, the liver can metabolize the food intake. It changes our food into usable energy or something that may be absorbed and used by the body. One must choose a health checkup plan which includes the liver test. During the health check-up, not-so-apparent health conditions will show up. If they are not diagnosed at the earliest, they may pose a major health hazard in the future. If you want your body to function properly, make sure the liver functions well. The test will show the level of damage done to the liver or inflammation to it. When there is the persistent abdominal pain, the doctor will schedule the liver test. The test takes into account the overall kidney functioning and the electrolyte level. Well, abdominal pain may also take place due to abdominal cancer. It is necessary to react earlier. If cancer disease is detected in any region of the body, radiation therapy will have to be taken to inhibit the growth.

A liver test may be performed in the home. Healthcare providers may visit your home to carry out the test and they can also offer you an oxygen cylinder for rent if needed.

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