What is VidMate and how is it different from its older versions?

Vidmate apps

While you may love to get into your couch and binge watch the latest TV series on your Saturday night, some people still love funny cat videos and baby clips. Humans, the social animal, are truly social indeed. People like to spend spare time with friends and families while being in constant touch of old friends too, but among you and your friend, lies something – a video.  A video that may remind you of your college days or your family while you may be lying comfortably in some other part of the country.

Plenty of videos are available on various platforms which such video lovers love to view and enjoy. Many of them also want the videos on their device which is not made possible by the concerned platform due to its restrictions of offering the videos. Even if one downloads it, it gets stored to the cloud only. Hence for those who love to fetch video from such platforms, it is necessary to use an app which can help to get the video stored on the device.

Vidmate – The Superhero to your rescue

The solution to all these chaos lays a single video app – Vidmate. While apps will allow you to store videos in the app itself, Vidmate solves this problem by allowing you to browse, save and share your favorite contents with your friends and families. Even the vidMate old version of the app helped you to do that. The new versions are far more advanced and help you with a lot more features like storing videos in password protected content while allowing different video qualities the user wants to store.

Vidmate apps

Vidmate and its features

Here’s a list of features that are new to the app and how it is different from the older versions:

  • Videos are downloaded saved as independent files and hence can be shared easily with others.
  • Vidmate can download videos from any source.
  • One can decide the format of the videos being downloaded with Vidmate.
  • The video downloading speeds are faster in comparison to the older versions.
  • Since the videos are stored as individual video files, the contents can be transferred to any other device.

Apart from these basic services, other important features that come with the app are:

  • The app allows you to pause, resume and break the download pattern which is supported by the website.
  • The download will get completed, without much of your attention in the background itself.
  • Once the download gets completed, the unwanted download links will get deleted by itself.

The world is moving faster and hence is technology. While online streaming content might be your first preference, certain things remain attached to people, and that can’t be changed. People love sharing and re-watching things they love and hence Vidmate, with its wide range of options, has become the single most important platform for the content or video downloading and sharing for the young as well as the elder ones alike.


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