What to Consider If You Decide To Buy A 2MP CCTV Camera

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Even in the era of 3 MP, 4 MP and 5 MP cameras dominating the CCTV camera industry, 1080p security cameras, or the 2 MP cameras have their own place. You cannot deny their efficacy in home monitoring.  In fact, they are still one of the best options for face recognition and car plate (in a specific range of distance). Also, they are more reasonably priced and bandwidth-friendly than its market competitors. Here are some more important things for you to explore here. 

Is 2 MP Camera good enough for your needs? 

While learning about megapixels, you can go by this simple rule; the more megapixels your camera has, the crispier your pictures will be. Is it good to go for a 2MP CCTV camera? The pointers will give you an idea.

  • This will depend on your purpose of using it. Of course, the quality of camera plays a vital role, as well.
  • The number of megapixels would influence the resolution of the picture only. It has very little to do with the quality of picture.
  • For example, 2 MP will make for a fine 4”x6” print, but not that great if you want to take larger printouts for some reason.
  • But depending on the type of pictures that you want to take, as well as the device you use,2 megapixels can be a great option fir webcams, phones, tablets, as well as webcams.

2 MP vs. 3MP vs. 4MP vs. 4K vs. CCTV Cameras 

Do you gain anything extra with a purchase of 3 MP cameras, rather than a 2 MP unit? To put it simply:

  • You enjoy a 50% increase in the resolution of pictures.
  • You can also scroll through some web pages to get a comparative study of 2 MP CCTV Camera, 3 MP security cameras, 4 MP security camera, 5 MP security cameras, as well as the more expensive 4 K ones.
  • You are likely to notice that instead of an increase in resolution, there is hardly a noticeable difference in them.
  • It is ideal if you check some video footage shot by real users. Check the footages captured by different cameras having different resolutions. You can resort to the YouTube for the video clips that you need. So, which one do you think would work for you?
  • Here’s another hint. A 2 MP CCTV camera is sufficient to conduct a general monitoring of the backyard, front doors, backyard, indoors and the like.
  • On the other hand, cameras having higher resolution are more effective when you capture details from a distance.

Important Factors While Choosing Your Camera 

If you have decided to go for a 2 MP CCTV camera, then you would preferably:

  • Buy a HD unit having high quality sensor.
  • Check the reviews to see if it is easy to install.
  • Spend your money on a unit that comes backed by a long-lasting and rechargeable battery.
  • Get a machine with 2 way-audio systems is a great way to listen and talk back.
  • Have a CCTV camera that gives clear night vision.
  • Buying a solar powered unit can save a lot on your energy bill, and support eco-friendly ways naturally.

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