Which Colours to Choose for Bridesmaid Dresses?

Bridesmaid Dresses

A wedding day is one of the most important moments of anyone’s life and it wouldn’t be complete without the bridesmaids. As a bride, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your bridesmaids look amazing throughout the wedding day. For this, you have to choose the perfect colours regarding their dresses so that they look amazing as they stand beside you. There bridesmaid dresses of a lot of colours which you can opt for which would complement and coordinate with each other so that you can realize your dream wedding:

Muted Bridesmaid Dresses

Muted colours refer to mauves, pale lavenders, and even muted oranges. These are great for making a smashing statement no matter the season or when the wedding actually takes place. Muted colors where thought to be great for spring weddings but they go with any backdrop. These colors are elegant and mature and look especially great in autumn’s fall colours. The point is, no matter how or when you wear these colours, your bridesmaids will look amazing.

Neutral Dresses

Many tend to think that neutral bridesmaid dresses are all about playing safe but these are the ones which are actually rising in popularity. Try out nude-hued, taupe and Champaign dresses as they are just perfect no matter the season. These colours are subtle but beautiful. They won’t draw everyone’s eyes immediately or as much like the bold colours but they can be paired with any theme and go with any type of accent shade. Neutral shades will also allow you to choose amongst more beautiful shoes, jewelry and belts. To keep things from getting too monotonous, you can try dressing up each bridesmaid in different types of neutral colours.


Blush Dresses

Pink may be considered tacky by many, but it is a very soft colour which works great for any season. The trick to getting the perfect dress is to find the right shade so that it compliments each of the bridesmaid’s complexions. Blush dresses work well for both light and dark coloured skin tones. Also, blush pairs really well with any type of jewelry metal, be it silver, rose gold, yellow gold or more. To create the full look, you choose white flowers and if you want a more rustic style of the wedding then use more succulent bouquets.

Dark Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy blue is a popular choice to go for during weddings and its versatility is the reason for that. No matter the season, it can be worn with ease and the assurance that you will look great in it. But for winter weddings go for a rich and dark blue colour in a sleek material. For summer weddings go for Royal blue but in a knee-length dress. You can go for a full dark colour or you can pair it up with some muted florals to create a luxurious combination. Reds, greens, peonies, wildflowers and such will work really well to make the dresses pop.

You can get all these bridesmaids dresses in whatever amount you like. These colours will fit in well if you want to buy some budget and cheap bridesmaid dresses and they will look equally splendid in some luxury dresses. It always depends on who is wearing it and if it makes the big day more special.

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