Why liver transplantation is needed

Liver Transplantations

Liver is a very important part in a human body. it has some major functions to do.

The liver stores a lot of vitamins and body fuels. As a result, it can manufacture some plasma proteins and it also regulates the blood volumes. Liver is the largest organ of a human body which manages the products from normal red blood cell breakdown to other functions like conversion of bile (this is a thick and digestive fluid that helps in breaking down the fats into fatty acids).

The blood enters the liver from 2 channels. One is the hepatic artery and the other is the portal vein which can bring nutrients and oxygen to the liver cells. Then the blood leaves the liver through the hepatic veins and then immediately enters the heart. The lover makes bile which is a liquid that helps to dissolve fat and eliminate the toxins and metabolic wastes through the intestine. Each hepatocyte creates bile and excretes it into microscopic channels that join to form bile ducts. The liver transplantation is needed because

  • There is a liver damage due to cirrhosis of liver or the primary biliary cirrhosis.
  • If there is a long term active infection line Hepatitis.
  • Due to some metabolic disorders like the lover failure.
  • Thrombosis or the hepatic vein clot.

In case of liver transplant in India, the first thing that one needs here is a healthy liver from a recently deceased donor and it has to be preferably from someone who has never faced any liver disease. Also it is very important that the donated liver or the liver segment has to be accepted by the patient’s body. So it can also be done by taking liver tissue from a close relative as it mostly matches with the recipient’s immune system. If you are on the receiving end then there is a risk that you might develop a narrow bile duct which should be treated separately again. If the transplantation happens from a living donor then the process goes really smooth as the liver stays outside the body for a very small period of time.

Liver transplantation is needed if there is an acute liver failure. This happens when a previously healthy functioning liver suffer from a massive injury which results into major symptoms of liver insufficiency. There are many reasons that lead to liver failure like viral infections, ingestion of toxins like drug reactions and mushrooms.

Once the liver transplantation is done successfully, the receiver can live a healthy life but they will need medications forever. The new liver will be strange to the recipient’s body and so one has to take drugs to keep their immune system intact so that the body can defend against germ attacks. But these medications sometime come with side effects like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Liver transplantation is not an easy process. For that one has to go through a thorough medical check up by the surgeons and then the surgery is done.

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